Deep Blue Utila


Air, all our tanks are AL 80’s

Analyzer, we always have nitrox analyzers on the boat


Boat Dives, we do three boat dives every day 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, except Tuesday and Thursday where we do a night dive instead of the afternoon dive.

Buoyancy, please be very aware of your buoyancy, most dive site where you get in there will be reef right below you, we ask customers to cause minimal impact on the reef at all times.


Courses, we can offer most courses please let us know in advance if possible and we will arrange a personal instructor for you.

Certification cards, please bring these with you we do need to see them before you dive.

Cameras, When using cameras underwater please be aware of the environment around you.

Currents, Utila is very fortunate as it has very few strong currents.


Dive equipment, We do have rental equipment for all your needs please see our nitrox and equipment page for prices.

Deep Diving, We ask people to stay to recreational limits, if you wish to go deeper our will need proof of your Tec diving courses.


Etiquette, whilst diving please use best practices, good buoyancy, be aware of your surroundings, don’t kick up sand and if you are shown something please move in to look and then move away so others have the chance to see as well, just practice good diving manners.


Flashlights, are available for rental for night dives


Gloves are not allowed whilst diving.

Glowsticks (Chemical), are not allowed on dives, they are potentially very toxic for the reef.


Hyperbaric chamber, we do have a hyperbaric chamber on Utila.

Hazardous marine life, we have very little here that will harm you if you do not touch it.


Identification, after most dives your guides will tell you the ID of fish if they are unknown to you. At the resort we also have a selection of fish ID books and computer software. Before any dive that has special creatures that live there your dive guides will give you a briefing about them first.



Kit Room, this is on our dock and has large hangers and lockers for your equipment.




Nitrox, is available at an extra cost of $125, unlimited tanks for the week.

Night diving, boat night dives are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, but you may night shore dive any night.



Photography lessons, on staff we have a great photography instructor, Adam Laverty who has been featured in the book 50 Places to Dive Before You Die and is for sale here on Amazon



Re Breathers, See Tec Diving


Safety stops, please make sure you do long safety stops on all dives

Shore Diving, you have unlimited shore diving included in your package, just be sure to let the staff know when you wish to go and they will have all your equipment waiting for you on the shore line.

Solo Dives, if you wish to do solo dives we would expect you to have a solo diving certification.

Snorkeling, all non divers are welcome on the boat to snorkel, most sites in Utila are great for snorkeling.

Sunscreen, please bring and use a high SPF sunscreen as the sun is very strong here, if you can find one that is bio degradable all the better.

Sea sickness, if you are susceptible to sea sickness please bring pills or patches with you, as they are not always available on the island.


Tanks, all tanks are AL 80’s

Tec Diving, Deep Blue has a Tec diving facility and can conduct all Tec dives and courses

Trimix, See Tec Diving



Videographers, When using video cameras underwater please be aware of the environment around you.


Whale Sharks, there are always lots of questions about the whale sharks, the main one is when do we see them, the main predictable months are March and April, slightly less predictable is September and October and then December and January, one thing to remember is that Utila is the only place in the world that we see whale sharks in every month of the year, not in the same amounts as the main season but we do see them, on every trip to Utila you have a chance of seeing a whale shark. Check out our page about whale sharks and our whale shark research.

Water Temperature, the water temperature varies between approx 79f in mid winter to high 80f’s in the summer

Wet Suits, we normally recommend a 3mm year round.

Weights, yes we have a full range of dive weights.




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