Deep Blue Utila


Activities, at the resort of course there is the diving, snorkeling, all non divers are welcome on the dive boat to snorkel at anytime, Kayaking, we have kayaks that are free to our guests, why not use them to go for a tour of the mangroves in the lagoon or though the small canal to the north side of the island, Island tours can be arranged, Horse riding, Iguana station.

Air conditioners, all rooms have air conditioners; all common areas are air conditioned.

Animals, you will see around the resort many creatures, especially humming birds, Iguanas, crabs and bats, please show great respect to them, it is their home as well


Batteries please do not leave us with your unused batteries as we do not have the facilities to dispose of them safely.

Bar, the bar is open every day; all drinks can be put on a bill and settled at the end of the week.

Boats, The main dive boat is a 42ft boat with a rear entry ladder

Bill Payments, For all bookings we ask for a deposit of $100 plus tax when booking and the full amount 60 days in advance, except for the Whale Shark research weeks where we ask $200 plus tax deposit and payment in full 90 days before arrival. As for things that you have at the resort it will all go on a tab and you can settle up on your last night.

Blankets, if you need more blankets please just ask.


Cell phones, We do have cell phone service here, the local providers are Tigo and Claro, connections will depend on the agreement with your local provider.

Credit Cards, We can accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express but here there is a 7% charge for using them.

Computers, we have 2 desktop computers for guests to use which are connected to the internet, also in the common area there is free wireless internet.

Check in time, is 3pm, if you wish to arrive earlier please give us prior notice.

Check out time, midday, if you wish to check out later please let us know.


Dress Code, very casual, there is no need to bring lots of clothes to Utila, T shirts, lightweight shirts and shorts are acceptable anywhere on the island, in our winter you may want to bring something slightly warmer to wear on the boat between dives.

Drinks, We have a large selection of local and imported wines and spirits; all can be put on a tab until the end of the week

Diving See Diving ABC

DVD's, We have a small selection of movies if people bring their own lap top computers and wish to watch them in their rooms.


Electricity, all electricity is 110v with plugs the same as North America.

Equipment rental, we can rent all equipment that is needed please see our prices page


Flights, we know that it is very hard to book local flights to the island; we will happily assist with this, the main international airports to fly into are San Pedro Sula, Roatan or from some areas you can fly into La Ceiba. Please check our main page on how to get to Utila for more details.


Games, in the lounge there are a selection of board games for customers to use.


Hairdryers, if you would like a hairdryer placed in your room for your stay just inform us before you arrive or ask when you are here.

House Keeping, the cleaning of your rooms will normally be done while you are diving.


Internet, we have free wireless internet in the common areas of the resort and 2 computers for customers to use.



Kayaks, we do have kayaks which are free to customers


Laundry Service, we do not offer this service, there are 3 reasons, we are a small island and we are trying to cut down on the amount of detergents that go into the ocean, fresh water as we are a small island is in short supply and should be conserved and electricity costs are very high and would not make it cost effective for our customers.

Library, in the lounge we do have a bookcase full of books, just swap out the ones you bring.

Lounge, is in the main building with the restaurant and bar, in this area there is also Wi Fi internet, 2 computers for customers to use, a small library, board games DVD's and TV for guests to watch them on.


Medical needs, we have a small clinic on the island which is run by an American doctor who is very good, but if you take regular medications or feel there is something you may need while you are here please bring it with you as it may not be available on Utila.

Meals, all meals are included in your vacation, breakfast starts at 7am, lunch will be arranged around what time the boats return from the morning dives, and the evening meal starts at 6.30pm


Noise, please be aware of noise levels, just be aware of others around.


O Rings, if you need any ask the crew on the boat they normally have a good stock of them


Payment options, payment at the resort can be made in a number of ways, cash, or credit card, please note there is a surcharge for using a credit card in Honduras, it is normally 7%.

Pillows, if you need more please just ask.


Questions, if you have any, please ask! You can use our Contact form to email us.


Restaurant, the restaurant is situated in the main building, it has its own balcony overlooking the ocean, and wireless internet, there is free tea, coffee and water all day.


Staff, most of the staff are local Hondurans and Utilian people, some do not speak much English but will always be willing to help, the owners are originally from London England

Safe, We do have a safe at the resort, if you would like valuables placed in it just ask, we will give you an envelope to seal with your good in.


Towels, we do supply towels for the rooms, you need to bring your own towels for the boat and the beach.

Tips, we will give everyone an envelope at the end of the week for you to put tips in and a form if you wish more or less to go to any member of the staff, tips are split two ways the resort staff and the boat staff, and everyone gets a share as there are many behind the scene workers such as tank fillers, bag carries etc. Please do not give tips to individual members of staff.

Toiletries, we do provide toiletries in the rooms such as soap and shampoo.

Telephone, there are no land lines at the resort, we do have cell phones and your cell phones should work if you have an agreement with your local provider, our local networks are TIGO and CLARO.


Underwater, see diving ABC's


Vegetarians, yes we can cater for vegetarians.

Vegans, yes we can cater for vegans, the selection may be slightly more limited than where you are from but we have done it many times.


Weather, the weather here is fairly predictable, from March to October it is normally sunny and hot, from November to February it is still warm but with the chance of some rain. The weather rarely stops diving.

Water, all bottled water at the resort is purified, all water that is offered as drinking water is purified, please do not drink from the tap, in the Bar and restaurant there is free water, in your room you will be supplied with a bottle of drinking water that can be refilled in the restaurant, and on the boat there is drinking water.

Water taxi to town, there are no regular water taxi's to town one of our own boats goes back and forward most of the day and you are welcome to get a ride on that, if you wish to go into town for an evening just ask and we will arrange a boat to pick you up at the time you wish.




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