Deep Blue Utila
Our friends have a lot to say about us!

"I've been to Deep Blue Resort three times and, like a beautiful woman, I just can't get enough. The food is great, the accomodations clean and comfortable and the diving is some of the best in the Caribbean. I've dove most of the Caribbean and keep coming back to Utila. The Deep Blue dive operation is professional, accomodating, and extremely well run. Swin and Matt make a great team. I do fish counting and identification with REEF, ( and the diversity of Utila is astounding and continues to amaze me. I always come back with a few new ones for my life list. My last trip, I brought my daughter Mary along to finish her certification--she can't wait to come back and bring a friend. So we're planning a family trip back next year."
Dennis Schneider, PADI OWSI 90680, author of the Bwana Doc Adventures
"The staff at Deep Blue Resort go the extra mile to provide an excellent whale shark experience. Over several trips, I have been impressed with their safety standards regarding divers and sharks. Their passion for research is also remarkable, and recent discoveries in the Caribbean are linked to their collaborative work with other resorts on the island and with other efforts in the region. Deep Blue demonstrates a strong and significant commitment to marine conservation."
Jason Holmberg, EcoOcean
As a professional film maker all I can say is that Deep Blue Resort is a wonderful place with so many photographic and film opportunities. It is set 30 ft from the ocean, you can dive all day and night if you wish, I have had the opportunity to film Whale Sharks, Pilot Whales, Dolphins, Turtles and many other undersea creatures also on land the resident Humming birds and Iguanas. Deep Blue Resort really is a divers Paradise.
David Ulloa, Film Maker
Undersea Expeditionary Video
The first year I came to Deep Blue Resort I learnt to dive and from that moment on I keep returning to enjoy their wonderful hospitality. The thing that impressed me most was their attention to detail, how safety conscious they were and the fantastic diving. With everything from Whale Sharks to Nudibranchs, and my personal favorite, seahorses, I would highly recommend the resort to anyone.
Penelope Hatfield
We all want to thank you and your wonderful staff for a top rated stay in the Caribbean.  We are seasoned Caribbean travelers and can say that the experience at Deep Blue was top notch with the best of service below the water and above the water.  The personal care by all made the Deep Blue experience second to none.  Besides our certain return, if there is anything we can do to help or promote our new found friends at Deep Blue, we will!
Robert Cantu, Sonoma Coast Dive and Travel
I have been to Deep Blue 4 times in the last 2 years, as a business owner in Texas I have been captivated by their Whale Shark research as the same whale sharks also visit the Texas Gulf shores, I am planning to go again in the next Whale Shark research period.

I feel at home at Deep Blue Resort, it is a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere and the diving is great, I also especially like the advantage of unlimited shore diving combined with three boat dives a day.

In the end all I can say is, what more could I want on a vacation good food, good company and great diving.
Joedy Hargis My job takes me all over the world staying in hotels. When I want to have a vacation I want to scuba dive and relax. Deep Blue Resort is the perfect place for this: great diving, whale sharks, good food and great company. I will keep on returning to this small piece of paradise I call my second home.
Mark Cole
We love coming back to Deep Blue because Steve Fox always promises fun stories and guessing game adventures.  Why, he even told me he'd put a leash on a whale shark for me to ensure an encounter!  And the staff?  Well, Zab lives for Wasabi pea bribes, and Matt told me he'd turn off my air if I didn't haul a pound of unshelled Brazil nuts to him in September! 

Shirley is a doll, but watch out if you take her on for a gambled Scrabble match...she know 4,000 2-letter words that are legal.  Don't expect her to share that list til you've paid up your bill! 

Plan to meet to delightful REEF encounter types....they count fish, and welcome new members.  Don't bring a calculator underwater, you are expected to know your numbers by now, kids! 

The boat captain Swin has eyes BEHIND his head and can spot a boil 10 minutes before any other boat.  Please bring M and M's if you expect him to meet your bubbles on a drift dive. 

The rooms are comfortable, and guests have access to the air conditioning switch to ratchet down when their roommate has begun snoring.  Free ear plugs available in Room 2 if needed.  Do come back, we'll leave some bug spray handy and Caladryl lotion for Frank!
Karin Bannerot and Frank Rudecoff

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